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Jan 3, 2013 6:00am PST
will appear in court tomorrow. >> classes have resumed this morning for the children at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. the survivors of the deadly shooting program page are in a new school in the neighboring community of monroe. here is new video from monroe as the first students started to arrive. this was originally a middle school but it was modified for the younger kids over the past few weeks. you can see the students and teachers. the superintendent said they will do everything possible to make students feel at ease, using regular schedule today. a normal day. last night the students and families were welcomed with an open house at new campus. a lot of security is in place. buses are arriving. during the open house students seed gift boxes with toys need and they shared reunions with teachers all to make them feel at ease and loveed. the campus was a middle school so sinks and toilets were lowered and the gym was remodels. administration the kids get off the bus they will find classes have been made to look like the classroom at sandy hook elementary school down
Jan 2, 2013 6:00am PST
abandoned a vote on aid for victims of super storm sandy. senate had proved a $60 billion measure on friday to help recovery from the storm that devastated parts of new york, new jersey and nearby states. a house committee has drafted a smaller $27 billion measure but the house vanished last night without taking up either proposal. if the house doesn't take action before congress term ends tomorrow any vote will have to wait until the end of january. >>> we're learning new information about a naked man with a sword and assault weapon who held san jose police in a standoff for several hours. they identified the man has koe co-bennett. they spotted him in a vehicle after someone report. when he yelled police were going to have to kill him. they fired a flash bang device to get him to drop the sword but it didn't work. >> he tried to take off running but at some point he fell down and they were able to subdue him. they were able to get the knife and take him into custody. >> he was treated for injuries. police say they averted a possible mass killing because the assault rifle bennett ha
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2